How do I book? When are payments due?

A: Your session is confirmed upon payment of your retainer fee. The remainder of your session fee is due 48 hours prior to your session. To get started visit my contact page.

What do I need to bring to the newborn session?

A: The baby! There is no need to make any purchases for the session. Typically, the outfits found on Amazon or Etsy are not well-fitted or made for newborn photography. I have all the backdrops, wraps, headbands, bonnets and outfits in my studio. I do allow for a small sentimental item that can be brought, however I cannot promise it will be used depending on the baby’s temperament.

What do I wear?

A: Once you have the baby I will send you a Prep Packet that includes instructions for you and your baby. This includes information on my location, what to wear, what to bring, and when to last feed the baby.

How do I know when to schedule the newborn session?

A: The best time for a newborn session is 6-17 days old. I use your due date as a place holder on my calendar. Your booking reserves that time frame. Once you have the baby I ask that you inform me within 48 hours of the birth so I can secure a date/time for you. If I am not made aware of the birth within an appropriate time I cannot guarantee a spot within the ideal age.

***All newborn sessions are scheduled Mon-Fri at 9:30am. I am unable to accommodate weekends or afternoons. Please keep this in mind when deciding if family members will be in the photos.

Who can come to the session?

A: I ask that only those participating in the images be present. My studio is located in my home studio and does not have a lot of space. If a grandparent/aunt/friend needs to come to help with a young sibling, that is fine. There is a park near my home as well.

My toddler won’t want to be there 3 hours, what can they do?

A: You are welcome to bring two cars so that we can start with the family images, and then once we are done the toddler and dad can leave while mom and baby remain for individual images. If this is not an option, please bring plenty of snacks, a screen if they like to watch shows, or any other items that can keep them occupied.

When do I get the photos? How do I get the photos? Where can I print my images?

A: All of your images will be delivered through an online gallery. Once that email is sent you can view and select your images to download right to your computer. Those images are the high-resolution images, along with your print release. As for prints, you are welcome to purchase right from the online gallery as they have a professional lab that send prints right to your door!

Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes!
I am a company that backs the Blue, Military, and First Responders. I offer a 10% discount off any package on my pricing page for all Law Enforcement Officers, active military members, and other first responders. Please note this in your email when you contact me.

I also offer a 15% discount to all actively licensed foster families. As a foster parent myself I support the parents who have chosen this crazy and chaotic course in life to bring children into safe and loving homes, even if only for a while. This discount also applies to any family currently adopting, or embryo adoption.