Last week my son was born. Today that 7lb bundle is 14, leaving me with only four more years before he leaves home.  

Yesterday I was induced early because my daughter was too small. She was born at 5lbs. Today she is a gymnast, and just got her first locker for middle school. 

This morning I felt the contractions come on fast. My third child was barely caught by her own doctor as she came into this world after a quick labor. She wants to be a “sloth vet” and loves riding horses. 

Just minutes ago we adopted our fourth child. After spending two years in foster care, he finally became a permanent part of our family in 2021. He is now 4 years old, and is as wild as they get. 

At least, that’s what this feels like. Days pass quickly even if the nights are long. And the years sneak by before you realize just how quickly they pass. 

 My name is Brittany. I am socially awkward because I try to be funny most of the time by quoting movies a lot, which might be why many people don’t “get” my jokes. I am married to Mr. DYI Awesomesauce. Obviously that’s not his real name – I usually call him babe. I am driven by my faith and my family. I love the Denver Broncos and a hazy IPA. I grew up in Evergreen, but now Arvada is my home and is where my studio is located. My passion for photography started as a young girl as I learned how to develop and print my own photographs from film. I promise to bring that authentic joy into my work so when you look back at your images you can feel those moments all over again. As a mother of four, I promise these will be the most cherished items you will ever own.  

“We are absolutely IN LOVE with our photos from Brittany of Sweet August Studios!”